About SealEco

SealEco offers water- and weather protection systems for increased service life of buildings and other types of constructions. We are the world-leading partner when it comes to sealing, protection and preserving.

We make waterproofing easy

We have a wide range of membranes and systems for roofing, air- and waterproofing of facades and basement tanking.Our solutions also include lining applications as geomembrane for ponds and reservoirs, tank liners giving secondary containment for farming and industrial use as well as landfill reservoirs and capping of waste.

SealEco is part of Nordic Waterproofing Group, consisting of more than 890 employees with the continuous ambition to exceed your expectations.Nordic Waterproofing is listed in the Mid Cap segment on Nasdaq Stockholm. With a turnover of SEK 1.8 billion we also have the financial resources necessary to finish every single project that we start. The headquarters of SealEco, incorporating R&D, marketing, production and warehouse, is located in Värnamo, Sweden. Sales are also generated through SealEco offices in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and Turkey.

We Seal the World

We understand and fulfill your needs by providing complete, market-leading solutions which meet high standards in terms of durability with environmental benefits.

With SealEco as your partner, you will get access to more than 50 years of experience and knowledge. As a leading partner in our field, we are always able to provide the best solutions for your needs. References can be found all over the world- from arctic cold to desert heat.

Environmental Building Envelope Solutions

Studies show that we have rubber materials that can retain their function for over 50 years at a total cost which is often substantially lower than that of alternatives. In addition to this the maintenance demand is minimal, making our membranes very attractive and economical options for the user. The durability of our systems is the foundation for us being the environmentally sustainable alternative!

Business Concept

SealEco provides tailor-made sealing solutions for building envelope and lining applications improving efficiency and durability with environmental benefits.

Our Core Values

Our core values are our guide giving us the basics on how to act. Our guiding core values are:



We endeavor to be truthful and follow high moral standards in our daily business. As a part of our decision making process, we always consider and strive to limit the impact on the environment.


We should always try to put ourselves in our customer’s position. We also develop our partners through effective team work, within and outside our organisation.


We shall deliver quality in everything we do. We take responsibility, have the integrity and required knowledge to deliver the solutions that the customer needs.