SealEco offers innovative water – and weather protection solutions for increased service life of buildings and other types  of constructions. 

Our solutions include lining applications as geomembrane for ponds and reservoirs, tank liners giving secondary containment for farming and industrial use as well as landfill reservoirs and capping of waste. We understand and fulfill your needs by providing complete, market-leading solutions which meet high standards in terms of durability with environmental benefits.

With SealEco as your partner, you will get access to more than 50 years of experience and knowledge.


“SealEco provides tailor-made sealing solutions for building envelope and lining applications improving efficiency and durability with environmental benefits.”

 Tailor made solutions are prefabricated rubber membranes that are quick and easy to install, giving the end customers environmental, economical and technical benefits.

Building envelope is roofing, facade and basement waterproofing, moisture- and air sealing.

Lining applications are tank lining, reservoirs, ponds and cappings.

Improving efficiency and durability means our solutions are quick and efficient to install with a long service life.


SealEco manufactures rubber membranes in EPDM and Butyl for roofing, air- and waterproofing of facades, tanking, secondary containment, reservoirs and landfills.

Our first rubber membrane was installed in 1967.

SealEco is part of Nordic Waterproofing Group with a turnover of SEK 1.8 billion. Nordic Waterproofing Group is listed in the Mid Cap segment on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Production, development and sales are certified according to ISO 9001 and  ISO 14001.

References can be found all over the world- from arctic cold to desert heat.

Our single largest project to date:Basement tanking of Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates (500 000 sqm)


“Eco” is not just a part of our name. It´s a part of our strategy. We strive for limiting our impact on the environment in every aspect and on every level in our organisation. This is a  continuous effort and a natural part of our strategy. The environmental benefits of our products are based on:

Less usage of resources due to long service life.


Less usage of energy (air sealing).

Environmentally friendly materials like EPDM with no migration and without certain classified chemicals.

Prefabrication drives efficiency by less usage of resources like labour, waste and time.

Less exposure for installers and fabricators to potentially dangerous fumes.

Lining that protects nature from hazardous waste and drinking water from contamination.




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