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Project Description

Volvo Trucks, Gothenburg, Sweden

Superseal Roofing System

Volvo Lastvagnar in Gothenburg, the main truck assembly plant of Volvo, always choose quality, whatever they do. And they choose with care. When the 50 000 sqm roof of the truck plant had to be reroofed, they issued a specified inquiry to all major roof membrane suppliers in Sweden. One condition of acceptance of tenders was also that installation had to be made without using any open flames on the roof. Thanks to superior life time, flexibility, weight, fire resistance, environmental influence, system engineering and warranties, the clearly best buy was Superseal EPDM, despite not having the lowest bid. On top of the original lightweight concrete construction with two layers of oxidised bitumen a 55 mm EPS insulation and a 15 mm Rockwool board were installed. The Superseal FR membrane was mechanically fixed.

Project Details

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