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Project Description

Volvo Bilia, Stockholm, Sweden

Superseal Roofing System

Volvo Bilia in Stockholm is one of the largest car dealerships in Sweden. 8000 sqm of Superseal roofing membrane is installed on the roof of their service center in Stockholm. The  old roof consisted of a concreted deck with two layers of oxidised bitumen felt suffering from heavy blistering and cracking. Therefore, their roof was in severe need of being re-roofed.Volvo do not buy on price only, they consider lifetime, total quality and environmental factors in order to obtain the best long term economical building administration. Hence, Superseal was the obvious choice .The Superseal membrane was mechanically fixed to the deck with washers and concrete nails. Then splicing of the roof was made, using Thermobond splice strips and electrical hot air guns.

Project Details

Skills Needed: