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Project Description

Veiling Flora, Rijnsburg, Netherlands

Prelasti Roofing System

The last twenty years  SealEco have delivered Prelasti panels  to the now over 250 000 sqm. large roof for Dutch flower auction Veiling Flora in Rijnsburg. In 1978 Veiling Flora started to roof their auction hall in Rijnsburg, with large prefabricated rubber sheeting as waterproofing membrane.Most of the roof areas have been installed as ballasted constructions with coarse gravel as ballast. The advantages from this is that the roof gets an appealing look and that the water run-of is more even with less problems during heavy rain as result. Another advantage is that the service life of the roofing membrane is prolonged.

The field installation in Rijnsburg was done using large prefabricated panels in sizes between 1000 – 1500 sqm:s. These panels were positioned on the roof and spliced together using hot air.