Project Description

Mersin Güzeloluk Göleti – Mersin, Turkey

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

The Turkish village of  Güzeloluk is situated in southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast, and in the largest agricultural area of the Mersin Province. Citrus fruits, bananas and all kinds of fruits and vegetables covers the coastal plains all year round. At higher altitudes,- up in the mountains-  grain pulses, vineyards, olive groves and fruits such as peaches, fig trees, cherries and apples are cultivated. Of course, these plantations require water, and lots of it. Therefore it was of great importance to build a 200 000 sqm large irrigation pond. DSI is a Turkish state agency  responsible for the utilization of all the country’s water resources. As pond liner for this important irrigation pond, the DSI chose Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane 1,10 mm from SealEco. The main contractor was Doğan Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. Installation company was Izobursa A.Ş.

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