Project Description

Public Company Coal Mines Kolubara, Lazarevac, Serbia

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

Lignite coal is the major source of energy in Serbia, used for  coal fired electric power plants. The 600 square kilometre  Kolubara open pit is the largest supplier of lignite coal in the  Republic. In order to expand the coal field it was in the year  2000 decided to move 5 kilometres of a major river. Combinations of compacted clayliner (CCL) and highly extensible EPDM geomembrane with geotextile protection were chosen to satisfy design requirements. At the completion, approx. 100 000 sqm:s of Elastoseal EPDM geomembrane, 200 000 sqm:s of geotextile was installed along with over 265 000 m2 of CCL to provide the requisite hydraulic seepage barrier. The EPDM liner installation was completed in March 2007 and the new river bed was opened in the autumn of 2007.

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