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Project Description

Gamla Årstabron (Old Årsta Railway Bridge) – Stockholm, Sweden

Elastoseal EPDM

Årstabroarna (The Årsta bridges) are two railway bridges across the bay of Årsta which connects Stockholm City Centre with the Årsta district. They are important for all rail traffic between Stockholm and southern Sweden. Since the early 2000s, extensive renovations have been carried out on the 90 years old and historically  listed Gamla Årstabron (Old Årsta bridge). In 2015 the final stage was conducted , aiming to extend the service life of the bridge by 60 years. Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) chose Elastoseal EPDM rubber membrane (1,2 mm ) from SealEco to be installed as waterproofing membrane. The Elastoseal EPDM Tanking System is a completely engineered system, where product, seaming, details, installation technique and site quality assurance guarantees a maximum of safety and performance. In order to shorten the installation time ,the rubber membrane is always made-to-measure and prefabricated in large panels. Since infrastructure projects of this type have an extremely low tolerance to delays and strict demands in terms of  time-efficient solutions,  prefabricated, made-to-measure  panels were produced by SealEco. 6000 m ² of  prefabricated Elastoseal EPDM rubber membrane is installed on the bridge,each panel measuring 30 m x 10,5 m. 
SealEco‘s rubber membranes have been installed in geotechnical contructions since 1967, and most of our first membranes are still in duty. Their durability, long service  life and ability to maintain their properties for decades, make our rubber membranes a safe choice, helping to  secure a vital part of railway traffic in Sweden for many decades to come.