Elastoseal and Greenseal Geomembranes are unique systems where the elasticity and durability meets high standards. Examples of applications are: ornamental lakes and garden ponds, lining of channels and ditches,leachate reservoirs, liquid-manure containers for agriculture and covers for municipal landfill sites or polluted ground.

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane

Elastoseal EPDM Geomembrane provides a sustainable solution for containment of fluids or waste material for use in gardening, landscaping, aquatic ecosystems, industry, agriculture, civil engineering and infrastructure.The geomembrane remains elastic regardless of age and temperature and offers high resistance to root penetration. Elastoseal contains no environmentally hazardous substances and does not give any leaching or emission of chemicals during its lifetime.


Greenseal EPDM Pond Liner

Greenseal EPDM pond liner is an elastic membrane for the use in garden ponds. The membrane is an environmentally friendly alternative which does not harm wildlife or vegetation.Greenseal is not harmed by UV-radiation from the sun, constant contact with water, vegetation or micro organisms. With Greenseal you will have a problem free garden pond for decades.