SuperSeal Roofing System

SuperSeal roofing membrane is a fleece reinforced elastomeric membrane based on the polymer EPDM for exposed installation, either mechanically fixed or adhered to the substrate. SuperSeal is chemically and thermally stable and has exceptionally good weatherability and longevity. There are no changes in strength or elasticity in the temperature range of -30° to +120°.


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Fleece Reinforced

SuperSeal can be installed by mechanically fixing or partially adhering in hot asphalt or PUR adhesive. All splicing of SuperSeal is done with hot air automatic welders by our patented splicing technique Thermobond. The splices are as strong and elastic as the membrane itself. The tough fleece reinforcement on SuperSeal provides excellent protection for the waterproofing even on rough substrates

Environmentally Friendly

SuperSeal is an environmentally friendly product with efficient usage of resources due to low weight per square meter and long durability. The total material usage is only about 1,5 kilo per square meter.

Safe Installations

SuperSeal is solely installed by authorised contractors, taking responsibility for performance and results, backed up by technical support from SealEco.


Benefits of SuperSeal Roofing System

  • Excellent properties. Superseal is a unique, fleece-backed heat seamable elastomeric membrane. The EPDM membrane design is ideal for mechanical attachment or adhering to any suitable substrate, with or without heat insulation. Superseal is a flexible and elastic rubber membrane that is chemically and thermally stable with exceptional weather resistance. No change in strength or elasticity between -30°C and +120°C.

  • Fast and well controlled installation. A roll width of 1,74 meter (alternative 1,34 meter) ensures fast installation, solely by authorized contractors.The contractors take responsibility for the integrity and performance of the finished roof and work with full access to the know how and technical support of SealEco.Superseal is installed in a fast and reliable way without open flames on the roof – only hot air is necessary for all splicing and detail work. Thermobond hot air splicing giving a seam that has the same elasticity and flexibility as the membrane itself. The Superseal membrane with its fleece-backing provides a smooth, wrinkle-free installation with no thermal movements or tensions in the roof membrane.

  • Contributes to a sustainable future. Superseal has minimal impact on the environment by efficient utilization of resources and exceptional durability. The product does not contain any heavy metals, chlorine, halogens or softeners and nothing leaves the product during the service life. Superseal is a product with efficient usage of resources due to low weight per square meter and long durability. The total material usage is only about 1,5 kilo per square meter.

  • Complete roofing system. A full range of components and details for a complete watertight, waterproofing system makes Superseal a complete system with solution to any detail on the roof by the Thermobond welding technique. The system includes pipe boots, corners, drains, Thermobond clad metal and much more.

System Approval and Certification

  • CE – EN 13956  Plastic and Rubber Sheet for Roof Waterproofing.
  • Fire classification Brooft1, Brooft2
  • BBA Certificate 92/2799, British Board of Agrément.
  • ATG Certificate 04/2600, BUtgb, Belgium