RubberShell Roofing System

RubberShell is a newly-developed and reinforced roofing membrane for fast and secure installation on low slope roofs. It is a versatile system enabling best practice for different applications.

What´s unique with RubberShell is its combination of advantages from EPDM rubber membranes with benefits associated to bitumen felts. This means ease of installation, elasticity and durability but also material melting completing waterproofing to any structure. Challenging shapes are no problem to cover but installation is quick and easy with a reliable and visually verifiable result.

Tough , Elastic And Durable

RubberShell roofing membrane is reinforced with a grid of glass fibres and composed of multiple layers. The grid makes the product strong and dimensionally stable, yet preserves the elastic abilities of the membrane. The top layer consists of reinforced EPDM and the bottom layer a highly modified bitumen. To assure protection against wear and tear the RubberShell roofing membrane is 2.5 mm thick. RubberShell is unaffected by permanent contact with water and is UV-resistant. The membrane has guaranteed function and integrity in all climates.

Flexible System Options

RubberShell roofing membrane is available in two versions: one for mechanical attachment and one that is self-adhesive. For ballasted roofs, either version is suitable. Both versions are spliced using hot air to provide a reliable weld with a material bleed sealing of the lap. Instantly, a bead of bitumen is created along the lap seam confirming that the laps are completely sealed. Installation is done entirely without open flames. RubberShell is available in multiple widths bringing flexibility and efficiency to the installation.

Multiple Areas Of Application

RubberShell is also available in a 1.6 mm thin and self-adhesive version, especially developed for waterproofing of facades and gutters. RubberShell is therefore a complete system with full coverage of solutions for building envelopes. More information>

Maintenance Free

RubberShell does not require any specific maintenance for durability and performance over decades. To assure proper function the roof must however be inspected regularly to check for mechanical damages and that drainage is functional and not clogged.

Environmentally Sustainable

RubberShell is chemically stable and does not contain any dangerous chemicals such as chlorine or plasticisers that can be emitted or released during its service life. The expected service life exceeds 50 years, resulting in a favorable life cycle analysis and low impact on the environment.

This is RubberShell Roofing System

  • Available in multiple widths (max. width 1700 mm).
  • Expected service life exceeding 50 years.
  • UV-resistant and weather-proof in all climates from -30 ˚C to +120 ˚C.
  • Weldable. Splicing is carried out with hot air.
  • Unaffected by permanent contact with water.
  • Multiple layers with a reinforced EPDM top layer and a highly modified bitumen bottom layer.
  • Self-adhesive version for a faster installation process.
  • No dangerous chemicals such as chlorine or plasticisers.
  • 2.5 mm thick and reinforced with a grid of glass fibres.
  • Elastic – tolerates movements in the structure such as freeze/thaw.
  • No open flames during installation.
  • Visually verifiable result of lap sealing due to material bleed.

Certificates and Approvals

  • CE – EN 13956, Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing