Prelasti EPDM Roofing System

Prelasti is an exceptional roofing system with unique prop­erties but also installation techniques that distinguish the system from traditional low slope roofing. The Prelasti mem­brane is elastomeric and thermo-set providing elastic prop­erties in a broad temperature range. Prelasti is always fit and never stressed by temperature fluctuations,windload, snow, UV-radiation, ponding water or other common phenomena’s.

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Prefabricated Roofing Made to Measure

Prelasti  roofing membrane is based on the rubber polymer EPDM, which basically means that it holds exceptional thermo-set and elastomeric properties. However, it is not only the quality of the material that decides the performance of roofing. The installation itself is also critical and has big impact. We have considered this in the development of Prelasti and created a modern roofing system. Prelasti is prefabricated roofing made to measure where much, or all, of the welding and detail work is done as prefabrication in a factory. The building is then dressed, similar to putting on a rain coat.

As Prelasti is an elastic membrane it absorbs all movements in the construction regardless of ambient temperature and the age of the membrane. Prelasti is chemically and thermally stable and demonstrates exceptionally good weathering and longevity.  There are no changes in strength or elasticity in the temperature range of -30° to +120°

Innovative Seaming Technologies

As Prelasti membranes are elastomeric and based on Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) polymer that is thermo-set, the membranes cannot be melted. This has challenged us to develop the seaming technologies Hotbond and Thermobond. Hotbond is seaming using non-cured rubber and by adding heat and pressure a chemical cross-linked seam is obtained. This vulcanized seam has the same properties as the membrane and is actually somewhat stronger, resulting in a break outside the seam when stressed over specified limits. Hotbond is primarily used during prefabrication. Thermobond is a seaming technology patented by SealEco and the base is thermo-plastic rubber compatible with Prelasti membranes that can be melted by heat from hot air blowers or hot wedges. Thermobond can be used both during prefabrication and on site using conventional automatic welders.The technology enables the advantages from using an elastomeric membrane with the installation friendliness of plastic materials.

Revolutionary State-Of-The-Art Welding Techniques

The Prelasti system is suitable both for ballasted roofing system where the membrane is laid loose and secured by weight from ballast like green roof, pavers or gravel but also mechanical attached with the non penetrating fastening technique Centrix.It originates from the idea that fixings should not puncture the membrane. Centrix is a state-of-the-art welding method for roofing using induction heating to anchor the Prelasti membrane to the non penetrating Centrix fasteners. Induction heating works by magnetic fields that induce heat to a magnetic metal.

Greener Environment

Prelasti roofing system is tested and approved for use as a waterproofing membrane under vegetation and green roofs. Both the membrane and the seams are root resistant and there is no degradation by micro organisms.The ballast can of course also consist of pavers or coarse gravel.Ballasted roofs can give new possibilities in usage of roof areas like parking space or recreation on a terrace or a roof garden.

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A ballasted Prelasti roof is a safe investment for the future, with superior longevity (service life exceeds 50 years) and low impact on the environment, resulting in favorable Life Cycle Analysis. Prelasti membranes are chemically stable and do not release any substances that can could harm the environment during its service life. After use the product can be recycled or be burned to reuse its energy content

Safe and Well Controlled Installation

The Prelasti roofing system is supplied as a complete package including compatible accessories, installation instructions and technical supervision.

Prelasti is installed solely by authorised roofing contractors who are responsible for the integrity and performance of the finished roof and who work with full access to SealEco know-how and technical support.

Benefits of Prelasti Roofing System

  • Superior durability and long term economy. Prelasti has been tested by independent laboratory and expected service life exceeds 50 years.
  • Maintenance free. Prelasti does not require any specific maintenance for durability and performance over decades. To assure proper function of the roofing the roof must however be inspected regularly to check for mechanical damages and that drainage is functional and not clogged.
  • Fast and well controlled installation. Engineered panels to roof size that even include roof details prefabricated under well controlled conditions in a factory. A minimum of work on the roof gives a maximum of safety. Prelasti is installed solely by authorised roofing contractors who are responsible for the integrity and performance of the finished roof and who work with full access to SealEco know-how and technical support.
  • Environmentally sustainable.Prelasti contains no plasticizers or additives that can be washed out and does not need any barrier in the construction that prevents emissions. Low weight in combination with long durability gives favorable Life Cycle Analysis. After use the product can be recycled or be burned to reuse the energy content.
  • Innovative techniques. SealEco provides innovative materials as well as installation techniques. Prelasti is an engineered roofing  system incorporating techniques like Thermobond welding and Centrix fixations.

System Approval and Certification

  • CE – EN 13956 Flexible sheet for waterproofing.
  • Belgium: UBATC (ATG 09/1740, 09/2246)
  • Netherlands: BDA Intron (KOMO Attest No.CTG-540/4)
  • Netherlands: NIBE (Dubokeur)
  • UK: BBA Certificate 02/3963, British Board of Agrément