GreenGrid Modular Green Roof System

Simplicity and flexibility in design are the hallmarks of the GreenGrid® Modular Green Roof System. The system was designed by engineering, roofing and horticultural experts to produce an efficient, integrated green roof product containing all the separate layers which comprise a traditional green roof system into one combined unit.

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GreenGrid offers a modular design that arrives at your site pre-planted and ready for installation.   This ensures that there is much less risk of plant failure, as all the planting, maintenance and fertilising is all done before the modules are delivered, thereby ensuring a greater return on your green roof investment.The GreenGrid modules contain recycled materials, the components can be handled by conventional means to be quickly installed in accordance with the design. The GreenGrid modules can be placed on top of the roof membrane or on any other surface with adequate structural capacity.
GreenGrid modules are lightweight compared to many other green roof systems. The two GreenGrid options support different plant types, allowing your green roof to be easily arranged or re-arranged to suit changing client needs and desires.  Most importantly, roof maintenance and repair is simple – GreenGrid modules can just be moved whilst the roof repair/maintenance is carried out and then put back in place without damaging the plants.
The GreenGrid system’s straight-forward design, pre-planted modules and movable modular features give it distinct advantages over any other green roofing system.

System Options

Extensive modules
The Extensive GreenGrid® System is 100mm of lightweight soil media and drought-tolerant vegetation requiring little or no irrigation, fertilisation or maintenance. The types of plants suitable for this system are those native mainly to locations with dry and semi-dry conditions or with rocky outcrops, such as an Alpine environment.  The most common types of extensive plants would include sedum, wildflowers and some grasses. Brown or biodiverse roofs are also suitable to be used with the extensive modules.The approximate weight of a fully saturated 100mm GreenGrid extensive green roofing system is 75kg/m².

Intensive modules
The Intensive GreenGrid® System is designed for more elaborate roof landscapes. These rooftop gardens are generally intended for human use and thus must have proper structural capacity for live loads.The 200mm depth system allows for a larger selection of plants, including ornamental perennials, annuals and small flowering shrubs.  Depending on the plant selection, drip irrigation systems, fertilisation and/or maintenance may be necessary, just as they would be for a traditional garden.Although a more refined application and therefore generally more expensive, the ecological benefits of Intensive GreenGrid Green Roofs are wide-ranging due to the utilisation of larger and greater plant species diversity.  The average weight of a fully saturated 200mm GreenGrid Intensive Green Roof System starts at around 140kg/m².

Benefits of the GreenGrid System

As well as providing all the usual benefits a green roof can bring, the GreenGrid Modular system offers additional benefits over other methods of installation.

  • Pre-Planted System. The GreenGrid® modules are planted in advance at the nursery. This means modules arrive at the job site already planted and ready for installation. Pre-planting also allows plants to be pre-grown at the nursery in the modules until they reach the desired maturity. Finally, if there are construction delays, the planted modules will continue to grow until it’s time for the GreenGrid installation. Traditional green roof systems may provide a patchy appearance at the point of installation, or some plant failure may occur. This risk is drastically reduced with GreenGrid, due to the preparation which takes place prior to installation. This ensures a lush, much more established appearance and no further works required on site.
  • Easy Roof Maintenance and Repair. Since the GreenGrid® System is modular, roof surfaces are always accessible for maintenance, additions and changes. Should such an occasion occur, the GreenGrid modules are simply removed, then put back in place when the work is completed, without disturbing the growth medium or the plants.
  • Flexibility In Budget. Although green roofs are much more in demand, sometimes financial constraints could restrict their inclusion on the building. Since GreenGrid is laid on the waterproofed roof, it can be installed at the point of construction, or at any time in the future. The modular design means that your green roof can be purchased in stages and added to as and when the budget allows.

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