Flat Roofing Systems

We offer a full range of systems for flat roofing applications. Advanced technical solutions have created a continuous demand for our products.

GreenGrid Modular Green Roof System

GreenGrid offers a modular design that arrives at your site pre-planted and ready for installation.   This ensures that there is much less risk of plant failure, as all the planting, maintenance and fertilising is all done before the modules are delivered, thereby ensuring a greater return on your green roof investment.


Prelasti Roofing System

Prelasti is prefabricated roofing made to measure where much, or all, of the welding and detail work is done as prefabrication in a factory. The building is then dressed, similar to putting on a rain coat. It  is an exceptional roofing system with unique prop­erties but also installation techniques that distinguish the system from traditional low slope roofing. Prelasti is tested and approved for use as a waterproofing membrane under vegetation and green roofs.


Superseal Roofing System

Superseal roofing membrane is a fleece reinforced elastomeric membrane based on the polymer EPDM for exposed installation, either mechanically fixed or adhered to the substrate.Superseal is chemically and thermally stable and has exceptionally good weatherability and longevity.