RubberShell SA 1.6- Self-Adhesive EPDM Membrane

RubberShell SA 1.6 is a newly-developed, powerful and self-adhesive EPDM rubber membrane for building envelopes. The technique involves very simple and quick installation. Do not let the shape of the roof become a limitation. RubberShell solves many problems where it used to be difficult to create timeless sealing security.

RubberShell SA 1.6 is a state of the art waterproofing membrane for building envelopes. The product is also a good example of how we combine efficiency and sustainability with environmental benefits. Expected service life is at least 50 years.


A valley gutter is often difficult to seal with traditional methods and materials. There can be sharp angles and corners and different types of material in the rest of the structure. RubberShell solves this problem by providing flexible sealing against most materials. The results are long term sealing with obvious financial and environmental benefits. You can have complete confidence that even the most critical parts of the roof, floor or walls are sealed with RubberShell.

Easy Installation

RubberShell SA 1.6 is very easy to install thanks to the self-adhesive layer. Measure, cut, pull back the protective foil, lay RubberShell and roll it tightly against the underlying surface. It´s really that easy to create sealed secure solutions where sealing used to be a problem.

Always The Right Width

RubberShell SA 1.6 is available in a variety of widths which makes it possible to get the best possible fit no matter what your need is.

Multiple Areas Of Application

RubberShell SA 1.6 solves problems in many critical parts of a property’s building envelope. RubberShell is easily applied in building foundations as ground plate insulation between the ground plate and the wall or as cavity wall protection. For windows, RubberShell is an effective and smooth solution for sealing between the window profile and the building. RubberShell is the obvious choice for vertical surfaces or complicated detail connections.

This Is RubberShell:

  • Elastic EPDM rubber membrane
  • Reinforced with a grid of glass fibres which make the product strong and dimensionally stable
  • Self-adhesive flexible polymer layer attaches to most underlying surfaces
  • Protective film that is pulled back when installing
  • Available in multiple widths from 100 mm- 1600 mm
  • Expected service life exceeds 50 years
  • Weather-proof in all climates from -30 degrees to +120 degrees
  • UV resistant
  • Unaffected by permanent contact with water
  • Efficient use of raw materials
  • No dangerous chemicals such as chlorine or plasticisers
  • Energy saving – can be used as an airtight layer for buildings
  • Elastic – tolerates movements in the structure such as freezing/thawing
  • Comprehensive guarantees
  • No open flames during installation – self-adhesive

System Approval and Certification

  • CE – EN 13967 Flexible sheets for waterproofing.
  • CE – EN 14909 Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Plastic and rubber damp proof courses.
  • CE – EN 13984  Flexible sheets for waterproofing.Plastic and rubber vapour control layer.