Facade Waterproofing, DPC and Air Sealing

Reducing energy consumption is important, both in respect of the environment and the costs. Our solutions for façade sealing are well evaluated systems meeting these needs. The Cladseal and RubberShell systems incorporate a range of products giving full freedom in construction and application of the weather sealing attachment against the window frame or building structures, both at the outside and the inside walls of the building. The systems are available in a variety of different options and is adapted to different types of needs in terms of sealing: water, damp, air and noise.


The Cladseal System is the optimum material in the market to use for facade waterproofing, air sealing and damp proof course (often abbreviated to DPC). It is a complete system, which prevents rain and water from entering the buildings and prevents air leaks in the structure.



RubberShell is a newly-developed, powerful and self-adhesive EPDM rubber membrane for building envelopes.RubberShell solves problems in many critical parts of a property’s building envelope.  The technique involves very simple and quick mounting. It is available in multiple widths from 100 mm- 1600 mm.