Products and Solutions

SealEco offers innovative water- and weather protection solutions for increased service life of buildings and other types  of constructions. Our solutions also include lining applications as geomembrane for ponds and reservoirs, landfill ponds and  cappings, as well as tank liners giving secondary containment for farming, industrial use or industrial waste containments.

Basement Tanking System

Tanking is a term used to describe waterproofing of foundations where the groundwater level is high enough to create a significant water pressure against the foundation. Elastoseal is an unreinforced elastomeric rubber membrane based on the polymer EPDM for loose laid installation in basements and foundations. It protects any building from penetration of high ground water. Elastoseal basement tanking system gives the foundation the protection necessary for a secure construction in demanding environments.


Facade Waterproofing and Air Sealing

Reducing energy consumption is important, both in respect of the environment and the costs. Our solutions for façade sealing are well evaluated systems meeting these needs. The Cladseal and RubberShell systems incorporate a range of products giving full freedom in construction and application of the weather sealing attachment against the window frame or building structures, both at the outside and the inside walls of the building. The systems are available in a variety of different options and adapted to different types of needs in terms of sealing: water, damp, air and noise.


Flat Roofing Systems

A roof requires high standards of products and installation  techniques to ensure long term protection of buildings. SealEco has a long and world-wide tradition of roofing.  Our rubber membranes are developed for a  variety of types of roofs and needs. They have been developed to withstand whatever conditions they will be exposed to, whether severe cold or extreme heat. The common denominator is however their ability to improve efficiency and durability with environmental benefits.



Around the world there are reservoirs,ponds and landfills where our geomembranes protect and preserve the environment. The geomembranes stay secure for decades, in any water containment application and neither affect nor is affected by the environment in any way. They contain no toxic substances or chemicals that can be emitted or released, and can be prefabricated to panels of any size and shape, from small garden ponds to large water landscapes, irrigation reservoirs, landfills and industrial waste containments.