Declarations of Performance

A Declaration of Performance (DoP) describes a product´s intended use and performance in terms of essential product characteristics. Building products covered by a harmonised standard  must be declared in order to be CE marked.

Declaration CE Marking

Declaration CE Marking

Cladseal EN 13984 / EN 14909

 DoP Cladseal EXT EN13984

 DoP Cladseal INT EN13984

 DoP Cladseal INT+ EN13984

 DoP Cladseal SA EN13984

 DoP Cladseal EXT EN14909

 DoP Cladseal INT EN14909

 DoP Cladseal INT+ EN14909

 DoP Cladseal SA EN14909

Ecoseal EN 13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP114 EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP114F EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP114SA EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP120 EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP150 EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP152 EN 13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP152F EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal P152SA EN 13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP180 EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP200 EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP200F EN13956

 DoP Ecoseal EP200SA EN13956

Elastoseal EN 13361 / EN 13362 / EN 13491 / EN 13492 / EN 15382

 DoP Elastoseal H/T

Värnamo Butyl EN 13361

 DoP Värnamo Butyl Geomembrane EN13361

 DoP Värnamo Gardenpond Butyl EN13361

Prelasti Fishpond EN 13361

 DoP Prelasti Fishpond EN13361 

Greenseal EN 13361

 DoP Greenseal EN13361

Prelasti EN 13956

 DoP Prelasti C EN13956

 DoP Prelasti NO FLAME FR FRT EN13956

DoP Prelasti LFR/LFRT EN13956

 DoP Prelasti S/ST EN13956

Rubbershell EN 13967 / EN 13984 / EN 14909

 DoP RubberShell SA 1.6 EN13967

 DoP RubberShell SA 1.6 EN13984

DoP RubberShell SA 1.6 EN14909

Superseal EN 13956

 DoP Superseal S/ST EN13956

 DoP Superseal FR/FRT EN13956

 DoP Superseal T EN13956