Quality and Environment

SealEco provides tailor-made sealing solutions for building envelope and lining applications improving efficiency and durability with environmental benefits.Our customers should always rightly feel that both products and other commitments responding to needs and expectations. This will be achieved through a quality-controlled and well managed team effort with each individual task, along with all other activities of our organization, resulting in satisfied repeat customers.

Our solutions contribute with sustainabillity to society. By  waterproofing buildings using durable roofing or tanking, the  service life of the construction is significantly extended. Energy  consumption can be reduced by using our water and air  sealing solutions. These solutions also literally serve as a barrier  separating toxic waste from nature or keeping vital drinking  water healthy.

We are very aware that our products and production have an  impact on the environment. However, by choosing raw materials  recognised as low impact alternatives giving extraordinary  durability we contribute to a reduced impact on the environment.  We stand for durable solutions where the resources are optimally  utilised and where the use of environmentally harmful materials is  kept to a minimum without jeopardising the functionality.

We also strive for limiting our impact on the environment of  every aspect and on every level in our organisation. This is a  continuous effort and a natural part of our strategy.
Due to our prefabrication capabilities, which are a key element  in our concept, our resources are fully utilised in terms of work,  waste and time. Our products are installed solely by authorised  contractors with proper competence. They share our view that proper quality for  products as well as installation brings better  functionality and durability.

Guidelines for SealEco

  • Product development and manufacturing operations shall be conducted with the goal of minimizing the consumption of raw materials and energy.
  • We shall strive to minimize disruptions to our region as possible with regard to noise and odor.
  • We will comply with the laws, regulations and other requirements that govern our business and to work towards continuous improvement in quality and environmental aspects.
  • We will develop and engage our employees.
  • We shall, within the time promised, deliver the goods and services and the customer agreed quality.
  • We will constantly pursue continuous improvement and strive for flawless performance.
  • We shall take in account when selecting suppliers to its environmental work

Source:  SealEco AB Quality- and Environmental Policy; Date:2016-01-07 Registration code: 00999 Revision: Issuer: Thomas Zipfel