Company History – SealEco

  • One our first roofing projects. Domus supermarkets, Sweden. Late 1960s - early 1970s.

1967 Production of butyl rubber starts in Värnamo, Sweden under license from Esso. The company is named ”Värnamo Gummi” (Värnamo Rubber).

1970 Värnamo Gummi departs from Esso and continues as an independent company producing products under the brand ”Värnamo Butyl”.
1973 First export contact (Italian customer)
1975 Värnamo Gummi overtakes all Esso sales in the Nordic countries. Investments are made in a new production unit in Värnamo (Norregård), including a new calander and autoclave.
1976 Värnamo Gummi, Division Isolerduk (Isolation) is formed.
1977 Exports to a major part of the world but with emphasis on the European market, especially the UK.
1979 Introduction of Värnamo EPDM, our first membrane in EPDM.
1982 The seal logotype is introduced and used as logo for the operation and all membranes.
1986 Introduction of Superseal Roofing System, including a fire retardant EPDM membrane with polyester backing.
1988 A new, unique and patented hot air splicing technique is introduced. It is named Thermobond.
1989 Trelleborg AB aquires the operation. It is later renamed; at first to ”Trelleborg Building Systems” , then ”Trelleborg Waterproofing”.
1990 Development and introduction of an electric splicing machine with two Leister guns, which enables splicing of 150 mm wide cover strips.
1996 Trademark and recipe for the entire product range of Prelasti is taken over from Dayco.
1997 Production, development and sales are certified according to ISO 9001.
1998 ISO 14001 certified.
1998 The trademark Elastoseal is introduced, which later becomes the name of all our standard EPDM membranes.
1999 Introduction of Elastoseal EPDM, a unique heat-sealable elastomeric membrane.
2003 Ecoseal TPO membranes introduced.
2004 The Cladseal trademark is established.
2005 A new version of Elastoseal with thermoplastic edges applied directly in the calander. The product is a major improvement and represents a second method of fabrication to Hot Bonding.
2009 SealEco´s single largest project to date: basement tanking of Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates. A total of 500 000 sqm Elastoseal EPDM is shipped to Dubai.
2009 Introduces Electrobond (later renamed Centrix), a new and revolutionary method based on a state-of-the-art induction heating technique, for membrane fixation.
2011 SealEco is created through Axcel´s acquisition of Trelleborg Waterproofing, and becomes a business unit within Nordic Waterproofing Group.
2011 New edge production technique with PER edge applied directly in the calander.
2011 SealEco aquires Wulva NV, a former privately owned distributor and prefabricator of SealEco products in Belgium.
2012 SealEco becomes a separate legal entitiy; SealEco AB.
2013  Introduction of RubberShell, a self-adhesive EPDM rubber membrane for building envelopes.

2014  SealEco aquires Univex, a privately owned prefabricator, specialized in three-dimensional applications.

2016 Since 10th of June 2016, Nordic Waterproofing is listed in the Mid Cap segment on Nasdaq Stockholm, with the stock ticker NWG.

2017 Nordic Waterproofing acquires the Dutch company EPDM Systems B.V. which then becomes integrated in SealEco.